We Are Ready.


Tonia Gaudiuso,

Founder of Cut the Chaos


I believe we are all born unique; each with our own special gifts. Ever since I was a little girl I knew that my superpower was money management and organization. Hell, my favorite childhood toy was a cash register! Not the most playful gift I know but it did lead me to have a lifelong empowered relationship with finances, in fact, I’ve been working in finances for TWO DECADES!!!  

This in depth understanding of all things financial has lead me to create a unique system of money management that helps my clients remove stress, gain clarity and harmony within their financial flow leading to a productive balanced life. This powerful program was born from my decision to undergo my own deep journey of personal transformation. During this deep dive into all things conscious and mindful I discovered that I have an intuitive relationship to money.

My close friends call me the money whisperer and with good reason! I understand the emotional blocks and life long habits that people inherit around finance and am in tune with what people need to clear in order to have a healthy relationship with their money. Let me support you in changing your money habits and help you transform your life in order to bring some joy into your financial future.