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Founder of Cut the Chaos, Tonia Gaudiuso loves to support people get to grips with the touchy subject of personal finance. Understanding the deep seated blocks and emotions that many people have around money she helps her clients appreciate the joy and happiness that can be found within the magic of money. Transformation guaranteed! “My mission is to cut through your financial chaos and help you gain clarity in order for you to live the life you desire. “

And this is how I do it..

“I created my 4 stages to financial flow to show you the way to financial freedom in a joyful, prosperous and empowering way.”


This process gives you my secret formula to manifest the life you want.

The first step is mastering the intellectual aspects of money; focus and foundation. We begin with stage one, focusing on removing the financial fog and organizing your money. Then we move into stage two, foundation, where we get clear on your vision and plan.

The second step is empowering the intuition; creating freedom and flow. In Stage three we explore the meaning of financial freedom and how to get it. This leads us into stage four where we embrace your emotions to allow you to live in your financial flow


Feeling stuck? Feeling embarrassed? Not know where to start? Too often, people let not knowing what to do stop them from creating the simple changes that could free up to live the life we want to live. Stop waiting to live your dream life!!!

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I recently started using Tonia's 'Abundance Cash Flow Sheets' and I will tell you it's a GAME CHANGER!! I've known people to use money systems like this and I've always been resistant. Like "Is that really necessary?! That's so boring, technical and I know where my money goes!"   Well, I didn't. Nor did I want to face 'myself' and my struggle. I loved my supposed freedom and I never associated counting my money as TRUE freedom. So, I have only been using my cash flow sheets for a months and I feel true freedom and EMPOWERED. I feel in charge. I feel abundant. I feel deep value in myself. I now look forward to finding ways to save and use all the money I didn’t know I had. It has become a fun game that I am winning at, FINALLY! I am saving more money and am feeling a sense of peace in my body; which is a big deal for me. No more flying by the seat of my pants; I am buckled in and in control of my vessel. I am forever grateful for this lady and her brilliance.

~Melissa DeTroy, Artist


Tonia cares & guides you through your finances and gets you where you want to go. I love her personal approach of looking, understanding and really connecting with what money means to you. Finding out what you really want from your money is Tonia's gift. She taught me how to look & connect to what has been happening with my personal and business finances, in a way that was simple, direct and easy. I felt like a mountain shifted. I could finally stop beating myself up, and create new actions to move forward in my life.

This work didn’t just give me ease around my personal finances, new structures to implement in my business, and had me look forward to vacation I’ve been missing out on. It also cleared up my thinking, and direction of building a solid base for the life I have been wanting to live. This helped me grow, and support my bigger picture of what I am out to create in the world.

Simply put, Tonia is AMAZING!! She knows her stuff, cares about people really finding financial freedom and creates a structure of managing your money in the way that works for you. Thank you Tonia. Love & gratitude, you rock darling!!

~ Olga Yakovlev, Real estate agent


Being a small business who is experiencing tremendous growth in the last 2 years it was beyond frustrating to make sense of the books and keep up with the flurry of new clients. I was spending DAYS on learning what and how to do it all which was translating into lack of focus on company growth and doing what I love to do. I also believed that I could save the money and do it all myself but I jumped anyway. Hiring Tonia was one of the best decisions I could've made not only for my business and my sanity, but it allowed me to focus on what was most important in life, my family. Since Tonia became a part of the Hangar Studios family, we have double our earnings. She is invaluable! Thank you, Tonia, for all of your insight, joy, support and all of the times you've gone above and beyond.

~Jennifer Ho, Founder Hangar Studios


Tonia helped me really look at my numbers and created a simple structure for my cash flow. This allowed me to see very clearly how much I need to work to make the amount I desire, and it’s a lot less than I thought! Here’s to owning my hustle instead of it owning me!

~ Evan Moore Sargent, Founder Commit